Wednesday, September 6, 2006


The following classified ad is found in this week's issue of the National Catholic Distorter:

PARISH ASSOCIATE -- A non-traditional Catholic parish has need of a parish associate in Rhode Island. Part-time position. Seeking a cleric desiring to grow with a five year old National (independent of Rome) Catholic parish. Are you up to the challenge? Phone: (401) 944-0001 Download information at: E-mail:

Note the words "independent of Rome". (The Polish National Catholic Church is not fully in communion with Rome - yet. St. Patrick's is not even close. See comment by Domini Sumus.) Anyhoo, the Diocese of Providence has this to say:

"There have been a number of inquiries regarding the organization operating under the name "St. Patrick's Catholic Church" at 2068 Cranston Street, Cranston. This organization is affiliated with the National Catholic Apostolic Church & is in no way associated with or approved by the Roman Catholic Church. In spite of announcements that may imply to the contrary, the sacramental rites & services provided at that church are not acceptable & are performed without the permission or approval of the Diocese of Providence."

But of course, this is the National Catholic Distorter that we're talking about - the same paper that boasts its columns by such dissidents as Sr. Joan Chittister. Could this be, in fact, not so much the National "Catholic Reporter", but the "National Catholic" Reporter? Hmmmmmm!

UPDATE 9/7/06 10:45 AM: An e-mail by Anthony and a comment by Domini Sumus regarding the PNCC led me to go back to that "Guidelines for the Reception of Communion" article that appears in the inside cover of each issue of the Today's Missal missalette. Here's an excerpt from the article:
(From Canon 844, par. 3)
Members of the Orthodox Churches, the Assyrian Church of the East, and the Polish National Catholic Church are urged to respect the discipline of their own Churches. According to Roman Catholic discipline, the Code of Canon Law does not object to the reception of Communion by Christians of these Churches.
I corrected my error accordingly. Thank you both for the heads up. (Living proof that I can be just as wrong as anyone else)



DominiSumus said...

Oh my, I know Roger Durand. I wonder what happened to the church he was starting in Attleboro.

On another note, the PNCC is not in communion with Rome, yet. They are in the process of coming into communion.

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much for the heads up. I corrected the error accordingly and wrote an update at the bottom of this post.
I don't know Roger Durand. Is he responsible for St. Pat's?

DominiSumus said...

Yes, he is the "pastor". It church is part of the Brazilian National Catholic Church, but he prefers to leave that out. He used to have a church in Attleboro that he called Sts. Peter and Paul. It caused a world of confusion in my diocese.

Here is Roger Durand's wedding site.

It really seems like he specialized in doing cheap weddings. Hmmm, costly pre-cana classes, costly annulments and I particularly like how he has made himself a monsignor.

I quote:
"There are no theological or practical differences between this National Catholic parish and a Roman Catholic parish. The major difference is that we practice far more lenient disciplines (that is, man made rules)."

Personally, I think validity of sacraments is a HUGE difference.

The most appaling of all is the papal blessing which is displayed here.

DominiSumus said...

I forgot to add, that he claims the papal blessing confirms the validity of his ordination.

Brian Michael Page said...

Notice that key word: Leniency. Ah yes, the word that can lure. But how does one come out after a while? I am reminded of Pinocchio getting on the boat with many other boys to "Pleasure Island" - "Pleasure" being the luring word. After some time on the Island, the boys discover that their complexions turned to that of the animal many a child reads about - the jackass.

For the desire to enter a church falsely represented as Catholic for the sake of leniency, I offer these words: