Friday, June 15, 2007


RSCT and a big wet kiss to my wife for this one. I have a few more she sent me, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them.

Battling it out for the Worst Catholic Hymnal competition! As you can see, these two are running neck-and-neck!



Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Yet more proof that cats were, in fact, created by the Devil along with liver and Brussel Sprouts.

Paul Stokell said...

Winner takes on JourneySongs in a CAGE MATCH!

I wouldn't have picked cats myself. I'd have gone with pics from a "Butterbean" match.

Brian Michael Page said...

And the winner of that match takes on the winner of the Music Issue/Gather Comp. II Softie match.


Al said...

I hate to disagree with Fr. Richsteig but this proves just the opposite, that cats are 1 of the highest proofs of God's love. They are battling about which is the worst. It is obvious that neither approves of the hymnals, they just disagree as to which is worst. They are just demonstrating how much of the music in both tomes sounds worse than a cat fight. :)

Also, I think St. Francis of Assisi & St. Gertrude of Nivelles (patronnes of cats) would definite agree with my evaluation of cats.

Besides, most cats I know of would probably prefer plain chant (or any other Eastern or Western) to what is in those hymnals.

I do have to agree with Fr. about Brussels Sprouts however.