Sunday, June 3, 2007


Long time, no see!

Roughly once or twice a year we have a missionary order come over to our parish to give their campaign speech for some financial help. This weekend, we had the Franciscan Apostolic Sisters, a religious order founded in 1953 by a Franciscan from the Philippines.

The FAS sisters are the resident religious order at Precious Blood Church in Woonsocket, where I was music director for eight years (1989-1997). Sr. Maria Magdelena and Sr. Lourdes were the two nuns that came over to Holy Ghost for the weekend. What amazed me was that it's been ten years since the last time I stepped foot in Precious Blood, and Sr. Lourdes recognized my voice. Both nuns were very pleased to see me, and the feeling was mutual.

They also were familiar with Fr. Finelli, as they were there for his ordination. I also had the pleasure of playing Holy Mass for three sisters of their order as they professed their vows (Sr. Lourdes was one of them). Knowing that getting a choir together was like pulling teeth at Precious Blood, at one point the nuns (some from Precious Blood, and some from neighboring Holy Family Church) were also our resident choir. They LOVE to sing.

Sr. Magdelena told a really cool story: two former minor league ballplayers, Joe and Moe, both ninetysomethigs, were talking. Joe was on his death bed, and he asked Moe if there was baseball in heaven. A couple of days later, Joe passed on. Soon after, Moe heard a voice... "Moe, it's me, Joe!" Moe said, "Where are you?" "Up in heaven", Joe replied, "I have some good news and some bad news." Moe asked, "What's the good news?" Joe replied, "There is baseball in heaven, and all our old buddies are up here too, and we're all young again, and every day is like spring!" "That's great", said Moe, "now, what's the bad news?" Joe confessed, "You're pitching Tuesday."

It was great to see the Sisters again! Y'all come back now, ya hear!


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I love the baseball stroy. I had heard it some place before.