Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The Bishop of Providence vs. the former Mayor of New York

Our local NBC channel WJAR-TV 10 has this: (emphasis and snarky remarks mine)

Bishop's Column On Giuliani Garners National Attention

PROVIDENCE -- The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is in the national spotlight for slamming presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani's views on abortion.
Bishop Thomas Tobin said Tuesday that he's surprised by all the attention his article is getting, but he added that he doesn't regret criticizing the former New York mayor. (No regrets are necessary, Bishop. Your article was great!)
"My goal was to address specifically the Catholics of the Diocese of Providence," Tobin told NBC 10. (Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with some good teaching like this for the rest of the world, either.)
But Tobin's criticism of Giuliani's views on abortion has garnered national attention.
"I would hope that people would take it in the right spirit. It is not intended as a personal attack on Mr. Giuliani or anybody else. It's meant to be a teaching moment for our church, reminding people of the importance of human life," Tobin said.
Giuliani, a Republican, has said he believes abortion is morally wrong but that he supports a woman's right to choose. (What kind of crap is this, Rudy? That's like saying murder of someone already born is morally wrong, but you support the gunman's right to pull the trigger. $&!+ or get off the pot, will ya??!!)
a column in the diocesan newspaper Rhode Island Catholic last week, Tobin called Giuliani's position on the issue "preposterous."
"If he thinks it's wrong, why does he think it's morally wrong? And wouldn't that be reason enough to change the climate, change the culture of abortion in our country? But he stops halfway. He says it's morally wrong, but he doesn't want to do anything about it," Tobin said.
Despite the flood of national attention, Tobin said he has no regrets about criticizing Giuliani.
"Not at all," Tobin said. "I think it's the job of the bishop to teach, and that's what this is. It's an exercise in the teaching ministry about very important issues of the sanctity of human life."
Tobin said neither Giuliani nor anyone from his campaign has contacted him about his article.

Good for you, Bishop Tobin! Kudos! BTW, a number of blogs have picked up on this over the past week.

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