Friday, June 15, 2007


Father Z has the skinny (RSCT to Gerald):

The document is ready and signed.
It is being translated.
It will be issued before the Pope’s summer break.
There is a long explanatory letter from the Pope, of a theological nature to the bishops of the world to help the MP’s reception.
There will be a press conference with Cardinals Arinze (CDWDS), Castrillon Hoyos (P.Comm. Ecclesia Dei) and Herranz (PC Leg. Texts – retired).
The delay resulted from strong opposition of bishops conferences.
A friend of the Pope, Msgr. Nicholas Bux (a well-known author I respect on traditional matters), says it is a matter of days.

This MP will do one of two things, besides give the people a choice between "Rite I" and "Rite II". Either the Rite II folk will pull for doing things right, that is, a true reform stemming from Rite I, or the Rite II folk will distance themselves further and turn "low church". I'm optimistic that it will be the former.



Paul Stokell said...

"Rite I" or "Rite II?" Yikes! "Episcopalian" language like that evokes the feelings of standing on the edge of a high cliff - and slipping. Thank the Lord we're a more solid body of believers than PECUSA/TEC/CoGLTBBQ, currently tearing itself at the seams.

I can't wait for a more widely used '62 liturgy, or even a better-quality N.O., but I doubt we as a body of believers will undergo the foundation-breaking turmoil some are predicting. Done well, variety of this sort can only be a good thing.

IMHO, to quote my Lutheran friends, "'High Church' is my church, but 'Low Church' is no church!"

Brian Michael Page said...

Yeah, I was kinda going for borderline sarcasm when I wrote "Rite I" and "Rite II". Maybe for us Catlicks we could say "Rite A" and "Rite B". Nah.

I for one would LOVE a better quality Novus Ordo. I don't mind keeping current when done right. Scrap the "sacro-pop" crap and you've won at least half the battle. Save the informal (low church) stuff for those tent revivalists. :)