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Interleague play is done for the year. I kinda like it when the pitchers bat. For me, I love it even more when Josh Beckett hits for the Red Sox. Last year, he was the first Red Sox pitcher to hit a home run since Marty Pattin did it --- in 1972! Well, this year, he hit .182 (3 for 11, including a double and an RBI). Last year, he hit .429 (4 for 7, including a homer and 3 RBI). For that short stint, he slugged .857. WOW!

Anyhoo, here's how each of the teams fared in interleague play:

Maida Tigers and Brown Angels 14-4 (.778)
O'Malley Red Sox 12-6 (.667)
George Cubs 8-4 (.667)
Flynn Twins and Vann Rangers 11-7 (.611)
Eagan Yankees, Collins Blue Jays, Finn Royals, Vigneron Athletics and Chaput Rockies 10-8 (.556)
DiMarzio Mets, Rigali Phillies, Dolan Brewers and Olmstead Diamondbacks 8-7 (.533)
Lennon Indians, Brunett Mariners, Favalora Marlins, Wuerl Nationals and DiNardo Astros 9-9 (.500)
Burke Cardinals and Brom Padres 6-9 (.400)
Lynch Devil Rays and Pilarczyk Reds 7-11 (.389)
Keeler Orioles 6-12 (.333)
Bradley Pirates, Mahony Dodgers and Niederauer Giants 5-10 (.333)
Gregory Braves 4-11 (.267)
George White Sox 4-14 (.222)

Here's how they did last weekend:
Cdl. O'Malley (GO SOX!) took 2 of 3 in Bp. Brom's turf.
Abp. Flynn took 2 of 3 in Abp. Favalora's turf.
Abp. Collins swept Abp. Chaput.
Bp. DiMarzio swept Bp. Vigneron.
Abp. Wuerl took 2 of 3 off Bp. Lennon.
Bp. Lynch took 2 of 3 off Cdl. Mahony.
In the battle of the Cdl. George teams, the Cubs swept the White Sox at US Cellular.
Abp. Dolan took 2 of 3 off Bp. Finn.
Cdl. Rigali (GO PHILS! - for Nick) took 2 of 3 in Abp. Burke's turf.
Bp. Brown swept Bp. Bradley.
Abp. Niederauer took 2 of 3 off Cdl. Egan.
Abp. Brunett took 2 of 3 off Abp. Pilarczyk.
Bp. Olmstead took 2 of 3 off Cdl. Keeler.
Cdl. Maida swept Abp. Gregory in his turf.
In the battle of the Texans, Bp. Vann took 2 of 3 off Abp. DiNardo.

Rankings: (Negative numbers in parentheses denote games out of first place)

AL EAST: O'Malley, Collins (-11), Egan (-11.5), Lynch (-14.5), Keeler (-16.5)
AL CENTRAL: Maida, Lennon (-2), Flynn (-6.5), George's White Sox (-14.5), Finn (-16)
AL WEST: Brown, Brunett (-8), Vigneron (-9), Vann (-18.5)
NL EAST: DiMarzio, Rigali (-3), Gregory (-4.5), Favalora (-6.5), Wuerl (-10)
NL CENTRAL: Dolan, George's Cubs (-7.5), Burke (-8.5), DiNardo (-11), Bradley (-12), Pilarczyk (-14.5)
NL WEST: Olmstead, Brom (-1), Mahony (-1.5), Chaput (-5.5), Niederauer (-11)

The series for the weekdays:

O'Malley at Brunett M-T-W (both are off Th)
Collins at Flynn M-T-W-Th
Vann at Maida M-T-W-Th
Vigneron at Lennon M-T-W-Th
Egan at Keeler T-W-Th (both are off M)
Finn at Brown M-T-W (both are off Th)
George's White Sox at Lynch M-T-W-Th
Burke at DiMarzio M-T-W-Th
Pilarczyk at Rigali T-W-Th (both are off M)
Wuerl at Gregory M-T-W (both are off Th)
Favalora at Bradley T-W-Th (both are off M)
Chaput at George's Cubs M-T-W (both are off Th)
DiNardo at Dolan M-T-W (both are off Th)
Mahony at Olmstead M-T-W-Th
Brom at Niederauer M-T-W (both are off Th)


A really cool sport that can be found in the following Sees: O'Malley, Coleman, McManus, McDonnell, McCormack, and Malone, plus one isolated bowling center somewhere in Pilarczyk's turf, and in Eastern Canada.

Ten really skinny pins, a ball the size of a softball (trust me, the ball is not soft), and three shots to knock'em down. You don't clear the deadwood, you play it! Unlike tenpins (normal big balls and two shots to knock'em down) where PBA pros often average 220-plus, your typical candlepin pro averages about 120-130ish. My all-time favorite candlepin pro: Tom Olszta (the guy's a total animal on the lanes - kicks butt and brings in a rowdy audience!). Other favorites include Paul Berger, Steve Puopolo, Charlie Jutras, and Mike Morgan (as well as Mike's late brother Tom Morgan). Big names in the ladies' brackets include Toni-Marie Baldinelli Lopes, Dot Petty, and the late Stacia Czernicki.

Right now, the current candlepin bowling show I watch is in summer mode (er, reruns), but the new season starts in October. What's really nice is that the show, Candlepin Challenge, is on a cable channel in Massachusetts (Comcast 8) that can be watched from your computer. Candlepin Challenge is aired on Saturdays at 11:00 AM, and on Sundays at 5:00 PM (a rerun of the Saturday show). This year's Tournament of Champions (which showcases the bowlers with the best series scores) winner is Bob Whitcomb. Returning champion come October will be Brian Crowell, who won the last match of the regular season a couple of weeks ago.

TRIVIA: Who (besides myself and possibly Domini Sumus) knows what a "half Worcester" (or as the CN8 announcers call it, a "half Wistah") is? :P

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