Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Chant and Polyphony Master - Pontifical North American College

This is where one of my old Holy Name buddies has been spending the last few years. Dylan Corbett, the buddy in question, will be ordained a deacon this fall in Rome. He will be ordained a priest in June 2008 - hopefully here in Providence!

Anyhoo, it is his seminary, the Pontifical North American College in Rome, that is seeking a Chant and Polyphony Master. See Musica Sacra for details.



DominiSumus said...

I am drooling at the opportunity, but I am not a chant and polyphony master. I am more like a wannabe.

:::Goes into the corner to cry:::

Dad29 said...

Sent your resume yet?

Brian Michael Page said...

Nope. For three reasons:
1. They need someone with a few more skills than I may have
2. I don't think my wife or kids will want to learn a new language (nothing against Italian, but...)
3. I'm very happy at Holy Ghost, and would like to keep our good thing going on the local level, while "spreading the snark tidings" globally - hehehe!


Anita Moore said...

Well, Rome needs to get in line: we have a small schola going on here in Boise, and we need a master!

We're encountering hostility from the local parish Establishment Music People, so we could really use a patron as well.

Dad29 said...

...besides, I'm not sure that possession of a "terminal degree" is proper to Ahhhhhnold S. (Gov of California) or whether it's a sign of imminent demise.

So maybe you're better off where you are.