Wednesday, June 20, 2007


RSCT to Gerald.

A witty, post-Vatican II Anglican convert to Catholicism was once asked what he missed most about his former ecclesiastical home. “The Mass in English,” he immediately replied. Bishop Trautman is clearly a man of intelligence and learning, so it’s all the more puzzling why he seems to defend the indefensible. For how can anyone with a sense of the majesty of the English language defend the See-Spot/See-Spot-Run vocabulary and syntax the new ICEL translations are intended to replace?

Bishop Trautman would likely agree that, as a general principle, “pastoral” doesn’t mean “dumbed-down.” Yet that’s precisely the strategy many professional liturgists have advocated in the post-Vatican II translation wars. I, for one, am grateful that they’ve lost the argument.

Because we’re not morons, and we shouldn’t be treated as such.

Entire article here.

UPDATE 6/21/07 @ 2:20 PM: Gerald updated his post to include a draft of the Missa Hominis Piscis, given by one of his readers. What a hoot!

Go George!

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