Saturday, June 30, 2007


Girls Softball Edition

Here's an update on my daughter's all-star softball team, as triggered by requests from this Christus Vincit ANYWHERE! Message Board thread.

Today, the Smithfield Firecracker Tournament started for Brittany's team, the 9- and 10-year olds for the Darlington Girls' All-Stars. Two games played tonight - two wins - WOOHOO!

Game 1: Darlington 13, North Kingstown White Team 1
(North Kingstown also has a Pink Team; Coventry has two teams also, red and blue)
Game 2: Darlington 28, Smithfield 14 (yeah, I know - four touchdowns to two LOL! and on Smithfield's home turf!)

As you can tell by the scores, it's slow pitch softball, not fast pitch, though Brittany will be playing fast pitch starting in August. Both games ended in five innings instead of the usual seven, due to a rule that ends a game in five innings if a team is leading by 12 runs or more.

Since this is a double elimination tourney and we're in the winner's bracket, we're in for AT LEAST two more games tomorrow.

UPDATE 6/30/07 7:16 PM: One win and one loss today while playing two different Cranston teams.

Game 1: Darlington 6, Cranston B team 3
Game 2: Cranston A team 12, Darlington 0

Again, this is double elimination. There is AT LEAST one game tomorrow. Our girls are guaranteed third place at this point. If we win the first game tomorrow morning (I have to work, but my wife will be there), we're guaranteed second place.

Go Brittany!!!

PS: Hey Nick, in a few years your blog posts might start looking like this... snark snark!

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Paul Stokell said...

Poor N.K.! They never seem to get a break.