Saturday, June 2, 2007


Seven Things You Would See if Rednecks Ruled the World

OK, I haven't posted a good line of redneck jokes since I posted Alabama Improper's Extreme Redneck ditty back in March of last year.

Yesterday, I got in my inbox from my wife the Seven Things You Would See if Rednecks Ruled the World. (captions mine) BTW, since my wife has relatives in Tennessee, I can get away with these things, ha ha ha!

President Nelson promotes his new executive order legalizing moonshine in all fifty states! WOOHOO! Wait, no! It's YEE HAW!

He also gives tips (and leads by example) on how to save a bundle on taxes: DECREASE PROPERTY VALUE!

Air Force One now sponsors NASCAR. Even Jeff Gordon.

One small step for man, one giant step for rednecks!

The Show Must Go On! Therefore, while Martha was doing time, her cuz'n JoBeth ran the empire.

As you can see here, Bill Gates recently opened up a regional office in Chattanooga. These are the first fruits of their labors. And it's fer sale, too! No social security numbers needed. Jest the numbers on yer rifle!

From the JoBeth Stewart Trailer Park Living magazine, proper care for your dentures.


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