Monday, June 18, 2007

CV SPORTS 6/18/07


Weekend Wrapup
In National League action:
Bishop Brom took 2 of 3 from Cardinal George's Cubbies (1-4, 1-0, 11-3)
- The Catholic Caveman has a bench clearing brawl video from Saturday's game.

In interleague play:

Cardinal Maida took 2 of 3 from Cardinal Rigali (12-8, 3-6, 7-4)
Bishop Bradley took 2 of 3 from Cardinal George's White Sox (4-2, 1-6, 8-7)
Bishop Olmstead swept Cardinal Keeler (7-3, 8-4, 6-4)
Archbishop Gregory took 2 of 3 from Bishop Lennon (5-4, 6-2, 2-5)
Cardinal Egan took 2 of 3 from Bishop DiMarzio (0-2, 11-8, 8-2)
Cardinal O'Malley swept Archbishop Niederauer (10-2, 1-0, 9-5)
Archbishop Collins took 2 of 3 from Archbishop Wuerl (7-2, 7-3, 2-4)
Bishop Vann took 2 of 3 from Archbishop Pilarczyk (7-6, 4-8, 11-4)
Archbishop DiNardo swept Archbishop Brunett (5-1, 9-4, 10-3)
Bishop Finn took 2 of 3 from Archbishop Favalora (6-2, 8-9, 5-4)
Archbishop Dolan took 2 of 3 from Archbishop Flynn (11-3, 5-2, 9-10)
Archbishop Chaput took 2 of 3 from Bishop Lynch (12-2, 10-5, 4-7)
Archbishop Burke took 2 of 3 from Bishop Vigneron (3-14, 15-6, 10-6)
And finally, in the battle of the leftmost prelates:
Bishop Brown took 2 of 3 from Cardinal Mahony (1-2, 3-0, 10-4)

Where will they be next?
Archbishop Niederauer will play Archbishop Dolan in Milwaukee M-T-W.
Cardinal Maida takes on Archbishop Wuerl in our nation's Capital M-T-W.
Cardinal O'Malley takes on Archbishop Gregory in Atlanta M-T-W.
Cardinal Rigali will face Bishop Lennon in Cleveland M-T-W.
Archbishop Flynn will meet Bishop DiMarzio at Shea M-T-W.
Bishop Finn will face his provincial, Archbishop Burke, in St. Louis M-T-W.
Archbishop Favalora will face Cardinal George's White Sox at US Cellular M-T-W.
Bishop Lynch will play Bishop Olmstead in Arizona M-T-W.
Archbishop DiNardo will take on Bishop Brown in Anaheim M-T-W.
Archbishop Pilarczyk will meet Bishop Vigneron in Oakland M-T-W.
Cardinal Mahony will face Archbishop Collins in Toronto T-W-Th.
Cardinal George's Cubbies will take on Bishop Vann at Arlington T-W-Th.
Cardinal Egan will face Archbishop Chaput in the Mile High City T-W-Th.
Cardinal Keeler will play Bishop Brom in San Diego T-W-Th.
Bishop Bradley will take on Archbishop Brunett in Seattle T-W-Th.

Those prelates playing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will have Thursday off.
Those prelates who are off Monday will play Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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