Saturday, April 8, 2006


This from The New Liturgical Movement:

"One of our most trustworthy sources has finally broken the general silence and has confirmed that truly a document of great importance on the liturgy of the Latin Church "has been signed".
"However, just as yesterday we mentioned "...the Rite of the Mass...", this source cannot or will not confirm if this document of great importance impacts (a) the Traditional Roman Rite (or, as it is usually called in more adequate terms, "the liturgical rite and discipline, according to the prescriptions of Saint Pius V, with the adaptations introduced by his successors up to Blessed John XXIII"); or (b) the New Roman rite (which, regarding the rite of the mass, was approved on Holy Thursday, 1969, by the Apostolic Constitution "Missale Romanum", of Paul VI); or (c) both rites."

Source: Rorate Caeli

At the rate things are going, followups are going to be titled Are You Sitting Down?, Are You Ready?, and Are You Sure?


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