Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here's the video that Gerald and others have been talking about.
That a Cardinal would allow this crap to happen at Holy Mass right in front of his face, and in the faces of thousands of others in his flock.

It's high time Los Angeles gets a REAL archbishop who can LEAD the people and not just PLEASE the people! For those who opposed my KoolAid spoof, I pose this question - NOW WHO is mocking the Eucharist here? Mahony had it mocked before the KoolAid spoof, just by them pitchers he used! That made things look cheap right there. Now we see the video, with liturgical dance at Mass (which is not allowed, mind you), people acting out the Gospel reading (which is NOT the Passion, btw), and music that I haven't heard since the last time I stumbled on to a Billy Graham crusade on TV. To boot, get a load of the lady thanking everyone and getting them one round of applause after the next. It is plain awful!

Copies of this video should be sent to Cardinal Arinze and Pope Benedict XVI, along with a link to the LA Religious Education Conference website (laden with pictures over the years), so they really know what kind of a circus is going on in Los Angeles, with Roger Cardinal Mahony as their ringleader. If this is really geared toward youth, then he's doing these youths a real disservice here.


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