Wednesday, April 19, 2006


UPDATE 4/24/06: Buffalo is corrected - Bp. Kmiec is the Ordinary, not Bp. Grosz. Somehow the USCCB site, which usually lists the Ordinaries first, listed the Auxiliary first for Buffalo. Sorry, folks!

Here it is - the comprehensive list of Bishops and their respective major sports teams (Major League Baseball, NFL, NHL, and NBA). Notice that not every bishop has a team, but every team certainly has a bishop. ;-)

ROLL CALL (in order by Bishop's surname):
Cdl. Ambrozic (Toronto Blue Jays/MLB, Toronto Maple Leafs/NHL, Toronto Raptors/NBA)
Abp. Beltran (New Orleans-Oklahoma City Hornets/NBA)

Bp. Brom (San Diego Padres/MLB, San Diego Chargers/NFL)
Bp. Brown (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/MLB, Anaheim Mighty Ducks/NHL)

- I gave the Angels to Bp. Brown as Angel Stadium is in Anaheim, of the Orange Diocese.
Abp. Brunett (Seattle Mariners/MLB, Seattle Seahawks/NFL, Seattle Supersonics/NBA)
Abp. Buechlein (Indianapolis Colts/NFL, Indiana Pacers/NBA)
Abp. Burke (St. Louis Cardinals/MLB, St. Louis Rams/NFL, St. Louis Blues/NHL)
Bp. Campbell (Columbus Blue Jackets/NHL)
Abp. Chaput (Colorado Rockies/MLB, Denver Broncos/NFL, Colorado Avalanche/NHL, Denver Nuggets/NBA)
Bp. Choby (Tennessee Titans/NFL, Nashville Predators/NHL)
Abp. Collins (Edmonton Oilers/NHL)
Bp. DiMarzio (New York Mets/MLB) Shea Stadium is in the Brooklyn Diocese.
Abp. DiNardo (Houston Astros/MLB, Houston Texans/NFL, Houston Rockets/NBA)
Abp. Dolan (Milwaukee Brewers/MLB, Milwaukee Bucks/NBA)
Cdl. Egan (New York Yankees/MLB, New York Rangers/NHL, New York Knicks/NBA)
Abp. Favalora (Florida Marlins/MLB, Miami Dolphins/NFL, Florida Panthers, NHL, Miami Heat/NBA)
Bp. Finn (Kansas City Royals/MLB, Kansas City Chiefs/NFL)
Bp. Fitzgerald (Utah Jazz/NBA)
Abp. Flynn (Minnesota Twins/MLB, Minnesota Vikings/NFL, Minnesota Wild/NHL, Minnesota Timberwolves/NBA)
Bp. Galeone (Jacksonville Jaguars/NFL)
Cdl. George (Chicago White Sox/MLB, Chicago Cubs/MLB, Chicago Bears/NFL, Chicago Black Hawks/NHL, Chicago Bulls/NBA)
Abp. Gervais (Ottawa Senators/NHL)
Abp. Gomez (San Antonio Spurs/NBA)
Bp. Gossman (Carolina Hurricanes/NHL) in the Raleigh Diocese.
Bp. Grahmann (Dallas Cowboys/NFL, Dallas Stars/NHL, Dallas Mavericks/NBA)
Abp. Gregory (Atlanta Braves/MLB, Atlanta Falcons/NFL, Atlanta Thrashers/NHL, Atlanta Hawks/NBA)
Bp. Henry (Calgary Flames/NHL)
Abp. Hughes (New Orleans Saints/NFL, New Orleans Hornets/NBA)
Bp. Jugis (Carolina Panthers/NFL, Charlotte Bobcats/NBA)
Cdl. Keeler (Baltimore Orioles/MLB, Baltimore Ravens, NFL)

Bp. Kmiec (Buffalo Bills/NFL, Buffalo Sabres/NHL)
Bp. Lennon (Cleveland Indians/MLB, Cleveland Browns/NFL, Cleveland Cavaliers/NBA)

Bp. Lynch (Tampa Bay Devil Rays/MLB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers/NFL, Tampa Bay Lightning/NHL)
Cdl. Mahony (Los Angeles Dodgers/MLB, Los Angeles Kings/NHL, Los Angeles Lakers/NBA, Los Angeles Clippers/NBA)
Cdl. Maida (Detroit Tigers/MLB, Detroit Lions/NFL, Detroit Red Wings/NHL, Detroit Pistons/NBA)
Cdl. McCarrick (Washington Nationals/MLB, Washington Redskins/NFL, Washington Capitals/NHL, Washington Wizards/NBA)
Bp. McGrath (San Jose Sharks/NHL)
Bp. Murphy (New York Islanders/NHL) in the Rockville Centre Diocese.
Abp. Myers (New York Jets/NFL, New York Giants/NFL, New Jersey Devils/NHL, New Jersey Nets/NBA)
All these teams play in the Meadowlands, Newark Archdiocese.
Abp. Niederauer (San Francisco Giants/MLB, San Francisco 49'ers/NFL, Golden State Warriors/NBA)
Bp. Olmsted (Arizona Diamondbacks/MLB, Arizona Cardinals/NFL, Phoenix Coyotes/NHL, Phoenix Suns/NBA)
Cdl. O'Malley (Boston Red Sox/MLB, New England Patriots/NFL, Boston Bruins/NHL, Boston Celtics/NBA)
Abp. Pilarczyk (Cincinnati Reds/MLB, Cincinnati Bengals/NFL)
Cdl. Rigali (Philadelphia Phillies/MLB, Philadelphia Eagles/NFL, Philadelphia Flyers/NHL, Philadelphia 76ers/NBA)
Abp. Roussin (Vancouver Canucks/NHL)
Bp. Steib (Memphis Grizzlies/NBA)
Cdl. Turcotte (Montreal Canadiens/NHL)
Bp. Vann (Texas Rangers/MLB)

Bp. Vigneron (Oakland A's/MLB, Oakland Raiders/NFL)
Abp. Vlazny (Portland Trail Blazers/NBA)
Bp. Weigand (Sacramento Kings/NBA)
Bp. Wenski (Orlando Magic/NBA)
Bp. Wuerl (Pittsburgh Pirates/MLB, Pittsburgh Steelers/NFL, Pittsburgh Penguins/NHL)
Bp. Zubik (Green Bay Packers/NFL)



Anonymous said...

Ok, this takes work, it's great, funny but great.

MLB: Brunett, O'Malley, George AL
NFL: Brunett, O'Malley
NBA: O'Malley, Vlazny
NHL: Myers, Flynn

Thanks for compiling this it's cool.

Argent said...

Thanks, Brian. I'm printing this for my priest who's a great baseball fan. (a Yankees fan *sputter, sputter*)

Denise said...

This is so much fun! However, soccer mom and soccer fan that I am, I noticed you left off the MLS. I have remedied that here.

Cathy said...

For pictures that will put a smile on your face, check out the beloved Bp. Paprocki
of Chgo, first in his hockey getup here:

and then in his real 'uniform' here:

He's a brilliant man, a great shepherd, and apparently, quite the goalie.

Speaking of priests' 'uniforms':
A friend's son, to a priest after Mass: "I saw you in your green costume up there!"
Priest: "Son, that's vestments. Can you say vestments? That's right. Clowns wear costumes. Priests wear vestments."