Monday, April 3, 2006

A Tribute to Anglo-Catholics

Found this out on another blog. It was originally written for the Church of The Advent, Beacon Hill, Boston. I understand that most times the first verse is chopped and the reference to Mrs. Gardner is removed and altered to make it more universal among the Anglo-Catholics.




The Advent's one foundation
Is pilings in a swamp;
Each week the sexton checks them
To make sure they're still dahmp;
For if dry rot should set in,
These hallowed walls would fall;
And soon there would be condos
Where once stood Moseley Hall.

Our church is mighty spikey
with smells and bells and chants,
And Palestrina Masses
that vex the Protestants.
O happy ones and holy
who fall upon their knees
for solemn Benediction
and mid-week Rosaries.

Though with a scornful wonder
men see our clergy, dressed
In rich brocaded vestments
as slowly they process;
Yet saints their watch are keeping
lest souls be set alight
Not by the Holy Spirit,
but incense taking flight.

Now we on earth have union
with Lambeth, not with Rome,
Although the wags and cynics
may question our true home;
But folk masses and bingo
can't possibly depose
The works of Byrd and Tallis,
or Cranmer's stately prose.

(Here shall the organist modulate)

So let the organ thunder,
sound fanfares "en chamade";
Rejoice, for we are treading
where Mrs. Gardner trod;
Let peals ring from the spire,
sing descants to high C,
Just don't let your elation
disrupt the liturgy.

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