Thursday, April 6, 2006


I want to clarify a few things regarding a certain Kool-Aid pitcher and some remarks that I have received and have made as well.

In addition to posting the Kool-Aid pitcher picture (starring none other than Roger Cardinal Mahony) on this blog, I had e-mailed Gerald Augustinus at The Cafeteria is Closed, and gave him the link to the post I made. Gerald did not take from me. I gave to him.

As with any good blogger, and even many of the best bloggers, Catholic or otherwise, controversy can very often be drawn by a post, whether it is correct or not. Funny thing is, I drew much more controversy on Gerald's blog than I did on my own. It is not fair to Gerald that his post is getting the flack for something I gave him. Some viewed my post and my picture as something else, though that something else was not in the least bit intended. My apologies to Gerald for taking the flack. Gerald was not hiding when he said the picture was mine. He was absolutely right.

I had been accused by a couple of commenters of "mocking the Blood of Christ". The Most Precious Blood of Christ would NEVER be an intended target of any comic joke, prank, mockery, parody, or what not. I cannot make myself clear enough on that. My intended target was not His Precious Blood, but the ridiculous containers that Cardinal Mahony, in blatant ignorance of Redemptionis Sacramentum, used to store His Blood. Only those "liberal Catholics" would make such an accusation, merely to support ones own argument that it's OK to "break some of the rules", in this case, the very rubrics of the liturgy pointed out by bishops like Cardinal Mahony himself.

I do apologize to "Jesuit John" for barking back with some comments and did vent on the "typical Jesuit", thus probably not only further offending "Jesuit John", but others from the Society of Jesus who may have read it. That line was ill-tempered, and I am heartily sorry for that particular attack.

What peeves me, however, is, as I mentioned above, when people make some twisted accusation merely to support a liberal agenda. I apologize for any misunderstanding. However, please realize that my spoof was not on the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but on the vessels that the Cardinal (who should know better) used.



Anonymous said...


I forgive you for the "typical Jesuit" comment.

But you are still misreading me on the following 2 points:

1. I didn't make any accusation to support a liberal agenda. I have no liberal agenda. No one who knows me would say I am liberal. I don't think anyone should use glass pitchers to hold the Blood of Christ.

2. The presentation of the Blood of Christ with a goofy face on a glass container is worse than the presentation of the Blood of Christ in a regular glass container. Your own personal intentions when putting the goofy face on a container holding the Blood of Christ might be all fine and good. I take your word for it that you wouldn't ever intend anything like that. But still the outcome is a goofy face on a glass container holding the Blood of Christ. That comes across as mockery regardless of your intentions.

I don't think I can make these two points any more clear.

I also should offer my own apology. The way I expressed my displeasure with the image looks like I am accusing you of intentionally mocking the Blood of Christ. I never really thought you were doing it intentionally, but I should have chosen my words more carefully.

I still ask you (and anyone who displays a copy) to get rid of the image. It looks like a mockery of the Blood of Christ and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Christ's Peace,
Jesuit John

Anonymous said...

PS: I was born and raised in the diocese of Lafayette! Take care of my people back home, Jason Pennington!

Jesuit John

Brian Michael Page said...

"I also should offer my own apology."

Forgiven, and thank you for forgiving me as well.