Wednesday, April 5, 2006


There has been a couple of really good definitions of "parish mission", as heard by two different priests.

Fr. William Casey calls it a "crash course on Catholicism". When I heard Fr. Casey mention this the other day, it made me think of two years ago, when I heard Fr. Anthony Mancini call it "the classroom of Christ".

Both priests I just mentioned put on excellent missions. Fr. Mancini is known in these parts for his music. He directs the Gregorian Concert Choir, the resident professional choir at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul in Providence, RI. He became Cathedral music director upon the retirement of Alexander Peloquin in 1990, and was appointed Cathedral rector just a couple of years ago. But little did I know until 2004 how well he preaches.

Fathers Casey and Mancini have been my two favorite priests that I've heard a mission from, not only in my 25 years as a church organist, but in the 41 years I've been on this earth.

So, perhaps, collectively - a "crash course on Catholicism in the classroom of Christ"?



Argent said...

I'm glad that you're having a wonderful parish mission. Ours was 3 weeks ago and I was very impressed with it. Very cool about Fr. Mancini directing the Gregorian Choir. Hope you had a good turnout.

Dave said...

Having one of the Fathers of Mercy preach your parish

In the mid 70's, all that was left of them were seven middle-aged to elderly priests. They decided to seek vocations rather than die out. Now they're young and flourishing...

Brian Michael Page said...

Argent, turnout has been strong all week. As for Fr. Mancini, he has some work published at CanticaNOVA Publications as well.

Dave, yes, Fr. Casey is a really good speaker. And yes, vocations have gotten really good there, especially as of late.

Incidentally, his voice is kind of a crossover between Gary Owens (remember him as the announcer of "Laugh In"?) and the guy who narrates on "Unsolved Mysteries"). Not a bad thing, mind you. ;)