Saturday, April 15, 2006


This has been one wacky Triduum, transportation to work wise!

The story starts with Thursday morning when my van's amp gauge was reading a lot lower than it was supposed to be. Having a similar problem before, and knowing that the negative connection on my battery might have been loose, which it had done in the past, I went and changed the terminal end. OK - amp gauge goes back up. I drive to the church to get my paycheck that morning, cash my paycheck - fine. I stop at Burger King to get a bite for my wife and myself. Amp gauge is low AGAIN! This time, I take it to Pep Boys. They did tests on my electrical system - battery was fine (surprisingly), but the alternator was trash. So, we changed the alternator. Leaving Pep Boys - guess what? Amp gauge still low! I called the mechanic over and showed him. He said, as you're driving and the engine's revving, it should go back up.
Well, got home, still low. Drove to the parts store on the way to Mass and grabbed a battery, then installed it in the church parking lot just before Mass. Still low!

Anyways, I took the van back to Pep Boys yesterday morning and waited a bit. Come to find out - the new negative terminal came loose on me, which shorted out my alternator, and my negative cable came yay close to catching fire! Worse - Pep Boys ran out of alternators, so they had to get one at another store, as well as replace the cable. One thing left - the external regulator, which Chrysler calls a "battery harness" and mounts on the back of the alternator, was missing some wires. Van's apart, not drivable - just my stinking luck - part had to be ordered and won't be in till Monday! Now I'm livid, as I still had to get to church last night for the Passion liturgy. Running out of avenues, I landed up taking a cab home ($25.00 ride - OUCH!). I finally was able to secure a ride to church from Elaine, one of the altos in my choir.

Then, just before the liturgy started, Bill, the husband of Jude (one of my sopranos), asked me, "Where's your van?" After I told him what happened, he said that he had an extra vehicle and offered to let me borrow it for the weekend. I would have never expected such an offer, and I don't like to impose, but, for this most important weekend of the Church Year, I had to secure my rides back and forth to tonight's Easter Vigil, and for three Masses tomorrow morning, so I took him up on it. Bill definitely saved my behind this weekend, something he did not have to do - he just did.

So, to Elaine, Jude, and Bill, I can't thank you enough. This is living proof that Holy Ghost Church is a wonderful parish to work with, not only for the wonderful pastor I have, but for its parishioners. Thanks much!

Have a happy and blessed Easter!
+In the Risen Christ,

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Brian Michael Page said...

Mine hasn't (luckily). Just kidding! Gotta behave at this point, just in case they're reading this blog hehehehehe!