Monday, August 28, 2006


Matthew at the Dusty Choir Loft has the next round of hymn tune voting in place:
ST. THEODULPH (All glory, laud, and honor) VS. ST. ANNE (O God, our help in ages past)

In the first two rounds:
1. ICH GLAUB AN GOTT (To Jesus Christ, our sov'reign King) edged out DIADEMATA (Crown Him with many crowns)
2. SINE NOMINE (For all the saints) just downright smoked AURELIA (The Church's one foundation)

All of these are great tunes, so these could easily be a coin toss. Pit any of the hymns Matthew has listed up against "Here I am, Lord" or "Beagle's Things", then it's a smokeshow before the voting even begins (unless your taste buds for sacred music call for "easy listening" - though I have serious doubts about saying "Beagle's Things" would be easy on the ears).


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