Sunday, August 6, 2006

Boulevard Brass Qunitet

I just returned home from a Sunday afternoon concert with the Boulevard Brass Quintet. They are five graduate students from the University of Kansas City Conservatory of Music. They are on an August tour of South Louisiana to help raise funds for charitiable organizations which help(ed) persons in Lafayette, Vermilion and Calcasieu Parishes (civil parishes, folks, not Church parishes) after Hurricane Rita. Here's the program:

Fanfare, Lemmens
Solemn Entry, R. Strauss
Praise the Lord, Karg-Elert
Toccata, Frescobaldi
Contrapunktus Nr. 9, J.S. Bach
Magnificat primi toni, Buxtehude
Symphony No. 3, "Organ", Maestoso, Saint-Saens

I joined the group at the console for the Strauss, the Karg-Elert, the Frescobaldi, and the Saint-Saens. The Buxtuhude was all mine, though, to give the guys a chance to rest before the Saint-Saens. We wish them well on their two-week tour of my area which will bring them to a number of churches between Lafayette and Lake Charles.

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