Thursday, August 3, 2006


Well, in a way. I just downloaded a cool suite called Open Office. It's a free, open source software. If you got 93 megs to spare and you can't afford the big dollar Microsoft Office, Open Office is the way to go! It's got toys like:
- Writer (the equivalent of Word)
- Base (the equivalent of Access)
- Calc (the equivalent of Excel)
- Impress (the equivalent of Power Point)
- Draw (great for charts/graphs, etc. to insert in a document or presentation)
- Math (for formulae, etc.)
I haven't played with all the toys yet. I'm writing my show notes for the next podcast in Writer right now. What's nice is that, just like in those big buck toys in MS Office, you can convert to .pdf format with ease.

Hat tip to Fr. Keyes for the link. BTW, he's spending some vacation time in New England. Maybe we can get him to pop over to Holy Ghost for Holy Mass this weekend. ;)



Jack B. said...

Ironic given that I'm certified in MS Word but I really hate MS Office (actually prefer WordPerfect), too bad its required at work. Also too bad I have absolutely no room on my hard drive. Thanks for the link, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty well-versed in MS Word as well as WordPerfect. I was forced to convert to using Word so that I could share files with my thesis advisor when I was writing up that all-important Ph.D. thesis. So I had to learn Word on the fly as I typed. Too bad everyone else at work uses Word. I find WordPerfect to be far more intuitive than Word will ever be.

Lynne said...

I've downloaded this suite too and am pretty pleased with it.