Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tightened Security Costing Musicians

The recent increase in airport security and restriction of carry-on items due to the foiled UK terror plot is wreaking havoc on the travel schedule of professional musicians: they aren't being permitted to bring their precious violins and such on board the aircraft and must check them in the cargo hold.

Read the whole article at the BBC.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read this yesterday via Yahoo. Not good, not good. I'm having to rethink some of my future traveling plans because of this nonsense. Like Zuckerman's going to garrot a flight attendant with the G-string of his Guarneri zillion dollar axe.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this pretty much from the moment the terror plot was uncovered. (The BBC had printed a similar story back then.) There were members of the Russian Orchestra who had checked their violins/viola, etc. in the hold, and when the conductor had noticed these instruments being checked in, he made a bit of a stink (and rightly so), stating these musicians were violating their contracts by not travelling with their instruments in their physical possession.

I think this is a bad sign, indeed. Shows a total lack of respect for musicians and their instruments.