Saturday, August 26, 2006


Thanks much to Fr. Thomas Kocik (author of The Reform of the Reform?) for the plug he left in a comment to this post at The New Liturgical Movement.

Though the post itself is about the reading of the Spem in Alium at St. Paul's Church in Cambridge, MA (home of the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School), Gelasius pitches this suggestion:

Perhaps one could work on a list. There is a list of Old Rite Masses and/or parishes why couldn't we do the same?
Categorize by a) good music b) ad orientem c) good liturgy 'reform of the reform type thinking'
Maybe those who post on NLM could at least contribute to it.

Fr. Kocik, who, incidentally, was the visiting celebrant at today's 4:30 PM Mass at Holy Ghost, chimed in:

In the Diocese of Providence, R.I.: Holy Ghost Church in Tiverton (Fr. Jay Finelli). Great music, orthodox preaching, generous use of Latin.

Again, Father, thanks much. And I'll see to it that Fr. Finelli sees this on his return.


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