Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hat tip to Gerald.

Guess which church is hosting a poncho lady? Yup - you guessed it. Till today St. Joan of Arc has actually been quiet around much of the blogosphere. I haven't heard much about St. Joan's for at least a couple of months. Well, check this out:

Call to Action Minnesota: Womenpriests Celebrate the Eucharist. On Saturday, September 23, 4-8 pm. Call to Action invites you to a Eucharistic Celebration with Regina Nicolosi presiding. Rev. Nicolosi was ordained as a womanpriest this summer. Following the Eucharist is a presentation by SJA parishioner Dr. Dorothy Irvin on "Ancient and Contemporary Models of Womenpriests and Deacons". Supper is included. FFI contact Judy McGuire at 612.927.6825.

Will Archbishop Flynn take notice? He has less than a month to contact St. Joan's and inform them that such a "Eucharistic Celebration" would be completely invalid. This is probably the WORST of the St. Joan's goings-on that I've seen yet. But then - St. Joan's, poncho ladies, they deserve each other.


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