Monday, August 21, 2006


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Continuing where we left off two weeks ago. 21 pieces of music added from the search engines of OCP, combing sections H and I of their "Song search" engine.

Feasts for the week:
St. Pius X; Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary; St. Rose of Lima;
St. Bartholomew; St. Louis, King of France; St. Joseph Calasanza

Music lists: Assumption (scroll to CVA #42 for the Assumption Special if you haven't done so yet) and Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time.

The Queen Stands at Your Right Hand (written by yours truly)
The Church's One Foundation (tune: Aurelia); Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (tune: Grosser Gott)
Final verse of Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above, as sung by the Mater Ecclesiae Choir, Camden, NJ. (This setting really ROCKS!)
Jesu Christe, by Fugli, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. Fugli's blog. He's mentioned CVP there.

Commercials: Catholic: Under the Hood, iPadre, Disciples with Microphones
Christus Vincit Sports: Bishops in Sports, NFL Preseason Edition
Additional link: The New Liturgical Movement
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: John 6 edition, courtesy of Knight Writer
Podcast Alley news: a thank you, and one special favor.
Finally, listen as quarterback Brian gets sacked by linebacker Shamus at the end.

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