Tuesday, August 1, 2006


The Poncho Ladies™ are rejoicing of their victory of successfully taking a cruise across the Three Rivers at Pittsburgh (notice the top denture plate falling off the one in the middle), while parading around in ponchos and mops pretending to be (of all things) priests. Now, go take a shower and put on a fresh coat of Right Guard. Your next challenge awaits you!

First one to swim the Tiber without getting sunk by virtue of excommunication wins. Hint, the only key to victory would be full repentance. (HA - like that will happen anytime soon!)

The ritual to the left goes thus:
1. Check for lice
2. Check for any signs of brain damage
3. Check for willpower (Are you willing to risk excommunication from the real Catholics and go on with this?)
4. The swearing in (By the power invested in us, the Poncho Lady Bishops, we hereby dub you Poncho Ladies)

Hat tip to Argent, who got these pics from Gerald. BTW, Gerald, I love the title of your post Grannies Gone Wild.

Argent has a few news clips in her post as well.



Anonymous said...

Oh, dear...the commentary is gut-busting, however, I have to disagree with your observations about the middle one's slipping upper denture plate. I believe she was born with that face.

She and her clock-stopping cohorts had to do SOMETHING to make it look like they purposely CHOSE the celibate life.

Dad29 said...

The Denture Problem is from Waukesha (suburb of Milwaukee) Wi.