Sunday, August 27, 2006


From the newsdesk of the Catholic Caveman (that blog ROCKS!!!):

Retiring Bishop Gossman was, I've heard, not too happy when he learned that Bishop Micheal Burbidge was taking over the Diocese of Raleigh. Neither were the Modernist priests in the Diocese. When Bishop Burbidge stepped off the plane in Raleigh, a delegation of priests was there to greet him. Their spokesman, a priest stationed at the chancery in Raleigh, stepped up to him and said, "Hello, Michael!" Our new bishop very quietly answered, "Father, I prefer to be addressed as Bishop."

Good for him! Bishop Burbidge is off to a very good start! After all, he IS a Bishop. Even if he were still an auxiliary (he was Philly's auxiliary until going to Raleigh), the proper address is STILL Bishop or Your Excellency.




Anonymous said...

I guess I'm out of the loop. I received the latest issue of NC Catholics a couple of weeks ago, and it's a special issue welcoming the 5th Bishop of the Raleigh Diocese. In it was a reflection from Bishop Gossman. It looks like he's gushing over how Bishop Burbidge is the right person to take over the Diocese, and going on about his advanced degrees and his vast experience.

A quote from his message:

"... in the brief conversations I have had with him, I have found our new shepherd to be a man of prayer and faith. His motto, 'Walk humbly with God,' gives evidencde of the central place of God in his life.

"... I know our new bishop will be warmly welcomed and that he will receive the same patient understanding, generous support and gracious acceptance and forgiveness that have been given to me for so many years. God continues to bestow abundant blessings on our diocese and has sent us, in bishop Burbidge, 'a shepherd after His own heart' to lead and guide us."

Kevin Whiteman said...

It looks like he's gushing over how Bishop Burbidge is the right person to take over the Diocese

I saw very little that resembled "gushing". In fact, if you re-read Smilin' Joe's "greeting" again, it looks more like he's just reading Bp Burbidge's resume, followed up with some rather generic "gee, he's such a swell guy" comments.

Also, one of the quotes you posted caught my attention; "... in the brief conversations I have had with him.

What??!! After 31 years of heing the head honcho for this diocese, the BEST Joseph "Just Call Me Joe" Gossman can do is brief conversations??!!

That one line says much. Maybe too much.