Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Argent has some cool posts to check out:

1. Some quotes from some ICEL Bishops on the word consubstantial.
2. Excerpts from the grand meeting with Fish Person and Pals.
3. The CDWS has this message on kneeling. The Orange County Odd Couple (Brown/Tran) should pay heed.
4. Check out this new church in West Virginia.

I'm impressed! Really impressed. Obviously not a Vosko build.

I'm not going to steal this show from Argent, nor her great detail. Check this all out at her place.

UPDATE at 7:39 PM: Just minutes later, I read the link to Argent's new church article, found that it's St. James the Greater Church in Charles Town, WV. St. James also has the bragging rights of having none other than CanticaNOVA's Gary Penkala as their music director! Gary, if you're reading this, how is the organ there?



rhapsody said...

They have an excellent stem-cell fact 'sheet' linked over there...

well, there's always room for one more good link!

aaron said...

Yes, I like the Church. But where is the High Altar!

Valerie said...

How lovely, especially when compared to the new churches-in-the-round we're 'blessed' with here in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Brian Michael Page said...

I played in one of those roundhouses once. Was the only parish to sack me in my 25 years as an organist. Needless to say, the liturgies, and the pastor's lies, were as ugly as the church.