Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hat tip to Gerald

Article from James K. Fitzpatrick at Catholic Exchange

Have you seen the latest attempt to provide cover for “personally opposed but” Catholic politicians and those who vote for them? No surprise: Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister, who has made a career out of championing “progressive” Catholic causes, came up with it. In a recent appearance on Meet the Press, she made the case that it would make more sense to call pro-life Catholics “pro-birth.” (Brian calls in his cat - Here, Princess!)

Pro-birth??? I've heard my share of oxymorons by Sr. Schittstirrer, er, Chittister, but that one takes the cake - with high stress on the last two syllables of the word "oxymoron".

Her point was that most pro-life Catholics tend to oppose the government programs promoted by liberal Democrats to care for human life after birth, and so are undeserving of the title “pro-life.”

And who is this poor excuse for a nun (who, if you ask me, gives Benedictines a very bad name) to make that decision? And to even make such a general statement? How does she even know?
Sure - never mind the rest of one's life! Yah! OK - I'm going to reveal something I don't reveal to too many people: I was adopted at five months old, OK. I cannot be more thankful that this was 1964 and not 1973, the year abortion became "legal". I'd hate to imagine what would have happened then. I am the whole package - anti-abortion, pro-birth, and most important, pro-life.

Pro-birth! HA!


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rhapsody said...


During the last election, every once in a while you'd hear someone state that the Church couldn't interfere with politics- of course in reference to the work of Fr. Frank Pavone-

Then you have these clowns who do nothing but talk politics- how come they don't worry about having their tax exempt status revoked?!