Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I'm still trying to recapture where I had seen this, but for those who remember the clip with Steve Colbert dancing around what appears to be a classroom (Nick's original post here) while singing The King of Glory Comes, someone had come up with a good point (someone please come clean and I'll gladly update this post with a proper hat tip) - that Steve Colbert is actually Catholic, and he did the dance to prove just how foolish liturgical dance really looks.

But still, just imagine that classroom that he did the dance in being full of elementary Catholic school students? Aye-aye-aye!

UPDATE 7/26/06: I found the hat tip recipient! It's Gerald! This is actually what he wrote (ok I was somewhat close):
Stephen Colbert has obviously suffered through liturgical dance and "contemporary" church music...



Dad29 said...

There's a CCentral bit in which Colbert actually recites the entire Nicene Creed (doesn't miss a word) before dismantling "other, non-true" religions.

Sorry I can't recall the URL.

Dad29 said...

Not related:

Regrets that my 3/4ths political, 1/4th Catholic blog does not appear on your blogroll.

Maybe I am too nasty about the Haugen/Haas crowd, eh?

Brian Michael Page said...

I'll have to check yer blog out and put it on my rolls mon. Sorry I missed that.

Yup - the creed clip was there too. Can't remember where I saw it though. Dang!


Dad29 said...

Blogroll reciprocation executed.