Monday, July 3, 2006


Hat tip to the Crescat.

She writes:
and who knew...
1) that those outfits they wear are called "praise wear", and having the appropriate wardrobe is very important. These are called the Eurotards... they got the "tard" part right. You can also purchase accesories such as flags, ribbons, metallic foil sashes, and these gems... the performance gloves for your "jazz hands".
2) There are whole communities of this crap... I mean artisic expression for the Lord. N' Him Dance Ministry offers a DANCE MINISTRY SYMPOSIUM and even defines the word "symposium" for us. How precious. Then there is this...
The Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble.

Come to find out, the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble was based at the Jesuit-run Boston College, where (believe it or not) Alexander Peloquin had served for many years as a composer in residence.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has publicly (and rightly) criticized introducing dance into the Liturgy, as it risks reducing this sacred rite to a spectacle. Just ask Cardinal Mahony, who has habitually done just that.

In an earlier post, the Crescat (aka the "Carolina Cannonball", btw) joins our own Nick and the ranks of many who have posted the infamous Strangers with Candy clip (or as I call it "Strangers on Nose Candy"). Let's pray that St. Joan of Arc and other dissident parishes don't catch on.



rhapsody said...

Can I get mine in pink?


JP said...

Shoot. One of the fastest ways to raise the blood pressure our our priest is to mention liturgical dance!

And such dance, when I've had the misfortune of being subject to it, is the fastest way to induce giggles.