Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hat tip to the Curt Jester and Ward Wide Web.

Apparently a couple of rich yuppies moved into townhouses directly across from the great Church of St. John Cantius in Chicago a year ago. Until now, St. John Cantius never had a problem with ringing their bells every 15 minutes until 11 PM - since 12/11/1898. Thanks to a complaint the rich yuppies filed with the Illinois EPA, St. John Cantius agreed to stop ringing at 9 PM.

"It's the first time in the history of the church this has ever happened," (Rev. Al) Tremari said. "No one's ever complained before."

Gotta have one in every crowd, eh? Anyways, just to prove that the folk at St. John Cantius continue to be the "good guys":

Amos Miller, a longtime parishioner and volunteer, said the church's compromise speaks to the church's desire to be a good neighbor. "The spirit of compromise is important. We try to get along with everyone."

Source: Chicago Sun Times

Cathy Ward (of WardWideWeb) calls the yuppies "dunderheads". I simply call them "killjoys". Because it's people like that that take the joy right out of living.



rhapsody said...

I like "doofi"-

but I don't know if that's the correct tense...

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

What a bunch of dingalings.....