Thursday, July 27, 2006


While the Christus Vincit Network is still in the early "thinking" stages of Big Catholic Brother, we just got word from PWTN that Big Sibling, the inclusive language version of Big Brother, is under way. Here are the houseguests for Big Sibling:

1. Joan C., a Benedictine nun and columnist
2. Roger, an archbishop who thrives on celebrating Mass in his new subsidized project style Cathedral
3. Tod, a bishop who is good friends with Roger
4. Martin, a priest who is good friends with Tod (I see a potential alliance forming already)
5. Victoria, a newly ordained poncho lady
6. Joan H., a soon-to-be-ordained poncho lady
7. Thomas, a fallen auxiliary bishop
8. Rembert, a fallen archbishop
9. Barry, a priest who downplays the importance of the GIRM
10. Dick, an architect and consultant
11. Carey, a musician and former priest
12. Marty, another musician
13. David, yet another musician
and finally:
14. Donald, a bishop who prefers to be a neutered fish

This evening, they will be entering the Big Sibling peace house for the first time.


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Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

It sounds like more great programming on the Progressive Word Truth Network. ;)