Sunday, March 9, 2008

CAN YOU COUNT TO 20... Lingua Latina?

Me did. So did Domini Sumus, who I got this from.

Click here to take the test. (BTW, I already know Jason can ace it!)



Jason Pennington said...

Portio etiam placentae! Piece of cake! Yes, folks, placenta means "cake". The numbers start doing funky things at 18, since you have to start subracting from 20. "20 minus 2" is 18, and "20 minus 1" is 19. Grooviness incarnate!


Mary said...

It's not hard if one knows any of the romance languages. (Or if you took hs latin.)

Brian Michael Page said...

I took two years of Latin in high school, and a year of French (8th grade). I almost forgot about the subtraction thingie for 18 and 19 (same with 68 and 69, 38 and 39, and all other numbers ending in 8 or 9 except 8 and 9 themselves).