Friday, March 21, 2008


My area made the top ten!

RSCT to Rich at Catholic Light. His city is there too!

Bert Sperling's Top 10 Most Difficult Cities to Navigate
1. Boston, MA
2. Washington, DC
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Baltimore, MD
5. New York, NY-Northeastern NJ
6. Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood-Pompano Beach, FL
7. Los Angeles, CA
8. Seattle-Everett, WA
9. Providence, Pawtucket RI-MA
10. Norfolk-Newport News-Virginia Beach, VA



Mary said...

Hum, my area made the list too right above wonder I'm still getting lost after 12.5 years out west.

Jason Pennington said...

I'll add #10.5 : New Orleans. That city has the whackiest exit and on ramps! If you make a mistake and take the wrong one, your're screwed. Did that once, ended up in the armpit of hell. Ran a red light by mistake, then got pulled over by a NOLA cop. Issued a ticket. Joy. I asked the cop how to get to where I needed to get to (a friend's house off of Magazine Street), he said "I don't know. But I'll tell you this: I'll allow you to make a U turn in the middle of this street, and you better high tail it out this neighborhood as fast as you can." I figured out how to get there. Don't worry about that ticket. Louisiana politics...


Chris C. said...

I love how Northeastern NJ gets lumped in with NYC. Typical. Really the only hard parts to navigate are the parts that lead to NYC, which smart New Jerseyans know to avoid. :)

Brian Michael Page said...

Chris, if I remember correctly, and I only did this once, about 17 years ago on a day job, isn't it a bit easier to get into NJ from NYC than to get into NYC from NJ? I remember having to go from West Warwick, RI to Teterboro, NJ, and I had no problem getting onto the George Washington Bridge (and it was free). Going back into NYC, it cost me eight bucks in tolls (I had a U-Haul box truck - you know, the ones with the governor set at about 65-ish?).


Chris C. said...

It can be, depending on the time of day (most of the traffic goes into NYC in the morning and out at night). But if there's any kind of accident, construction, etc., you're usually screwed in either direction.

I take the train into NYC for work, and only ever drive if I'm "passing through" on my way to points north (and then I usually take the Tappan Zee to avoid as much city traffic as possible).