Tuesday, March 4, 2008


OK - Time to put the trade-mark symbol on MahonyFest™ (er, the Los AHN-ghe-leez Religious Mis-edu-ma-cation Congress) like Argent did on Poncho Ladies™ (er, Roman Catholic Wimmenpriests).

Gerald has pics a-plenty, with all the usuals. Bp. Brown being entertained by liturgical dancers while celebrating Mass in a way-off-color Mass vestment (WAIT! If the vestment is way-off-color, wouldn't it NOT be a Mass vestment?), the usual wicker baskets and KoolAid pitchers.

The American Papist has news a-plenty, including an FAQ session (er, "online chat") with Cdl. Mahony, and plenty of support for dissent from the Church.

Teri: Is there high hope for married priests? What is that status on having the option?
CardinalMahony: Teri: At this time, the Pope is not moving towards married priests for the Latin Catholic Church. Recall that the Eastern Catholic Church has had married priests for 2,000 years.
Alexis: Is their anything against the Catholic church being more fun? I mean the priest talks and kids don't pay attention so couldn't we sing and dance, and make it more like gospel churches do, so kids will want to participate? I was just wondering if that was against our faith?
CardinalMahony: Alexis: Sounds good to me! Our parishes need to offer a variety of liturgies which appeal to different age groups and to different likes. Youth Masses with groups such as Life Teen are really helpful!

Gotta love how the Cardinal downplays the Church's stance on married priests and how Mass should be "fun", eh?

For more entertainment news, check out Whispers in the Loggia for the "hard news" version.



Argent said...


How 'bout a countdown clock to that canonical age limit? Do you know how much longer?

Oh, but with regards to MahonyFest(TM), I'm sure they'll keep celebrating his "legacy".


Brian Michael Page said...

Is that 75 or 80 for a Cardinal? How old is he now anyways?

DominiSumus said...

Bishops have to submit their retirement at 75, but the Pope doesn't have to accept it.

At 80 cardinals are no longer eligible to vote in a conclave, so they usually retire by then.

Mahony is 72(Born February 27, 1936).

Brian Michael Page said...

DANG! Still 3 more years!

Mary said...

Still too much time there...to wreckovate the LA Archdiocese.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

lol, too late for that Mary, he's already done it, now it's just a manner of how far of a hole will his sucessor have to dig out.

Brian Michael Page said...

One can only hope that when Mahony does retire, Benedict XVI will still be the reigning Pope. That will very likely be a determining factor as to who would succeed Mahony once he retires.

If the next Archbishop of Los Ahn-ghe-leez is someone with the heart of a Burke, Finn, or a Niestedt, he will have his work cut out for him putting the Archdiocese back together - no doubt. There will be a lot of people pissed off, but yet, I think there will be many relieved. I can recall something Fr. Keyes once said when he became pastor at St. Ed's - while people were asking him when they can have their parish back, others were thanking him for giving them their parish back - the same will be of the LA Archdiocese. In due time, I believe the result will prove to be very fruitful.