Friday, March 7, 2008

Laetare and Judica for the Roman Rite

I had commented earlier that I no longer had access to my 2008 music list, HOWEVER, one of the singers in the old Fatima choir sent me her copy in the mail yesterday! She has always been an avid reader of Christus Vincit. At any rate, these were my picks for last Sunday, Laetare, as well as Judica, this coming Sunday:

Ordinary: Missa 17
Int: In my distress (Flowing Waters -- FW)
Tract: Out of the depths (FW)
Off: O Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudly, J.S. Bach
Comm: Thou Knowest Lord, Purcell
O Dearest Jesus, Crueger

Ordinary: Missa 17
Int: O God, my God (FW)
Tract: Often have they attacked me (FW)
Off: What Have We Done? Hopson
Comm: Drop, Drop, Slow Tears, Powell
O Most Merciful, Munster Gesangbuch

My plan, you see, was to use the English plainchant through Lent and then to switch to the Latin chants for Holy Week. Well, while I'm at it, here's Palm Sunday as well:

Ordinary: Missa 17
Int: Hosanna filio David
Procession with palms: All Glory, Laud, and Honor
Tract: Christus factus est, Palestrina
Off: O Dearest Jesus, Thy Sacred Head, Johnson
Comm: How Like the Lovely Rose Tree, Young
Out of the Depths, Schalk

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Motherhen said...

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I'm sure you'll know before me what ghastly music will be sung on Palm's Sunday.