Friday, March 7, 2008

Veritate Duce Progredi: University of Arkansas

When you attended University of Arkansas, where did you live?
My first two years (I was officially a sophomore in my second semester, since I clepped out of Latin I-IV and German I-IV, giving me 24 hours since I already knew my grammar. Later, since World History II was taught by a Francophile, and concerned itself mostly with France, I took the test and clepped out of that too.) I lived in Hotz Hall, second floor. Year three I was in Regensburg and lived in Thomaheim (On Ludwig Thoma Strasse, for those of you who are interested enough to google it) on the 6th floor with a balcony overlooking the old Carthusian monastery (now, a lunatic asylum -- I know not politically correct but hey..). Years 4 and 5, I lived in Buchanan Droke, first floor -- No a/c there, so early fall and spring were HOT HOT HOT! Buck Droke was co-ed, so half the hall was guys and the other half smelled of perfume and hairspray. It took 5 years to finish my BA, yes. Not because I was stupid and needed more time, but because I was doing a tripple major in German, Classics, and Organ. My last semester, I actually did carry about 24 hours -- many of those were research hours, since it was thesis season. Summmmmmma cum laude, baby!

Who was/were your roommate(s)?
My Freshman roommate was Marcus A. He moved out after Christmas and joined a fraternity, so I had the spring semester to myself. I fixed his bed up like a sofa. At that time we were constantly at each other's throats, however, we are friends now. He went on to finish his PhD in the agriculture field. Groovy guy. He lives in Kansas now. My second year roommate was in the room only one semester as well. We got along fine, but he moved out after Christmas to be roommates with his best friend, whose roommate also moved out. He was an odd bird. He worked in the dininghall dishwash room. He'd come in after dinner, undress and slip into bed all sweaty and smelling of detergent. Needless to say, I staked out my territory with glade airfreshener cones. Regensburg: Nigel F., a British engineering student who was doing a practicum at Siemens. Swell guy. I went with him to Surrey for Easter break. The trip up was a real life National Lampoon European Vacation. It was a great week in England, though. We even went to the horse races. I have my betting slips from that day tucked into my Latin Vulgate. Yes, I did wear a jacket and necktie to the races, like all the gentlemen. Nigel had a profound fondness for the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony and Widor 5th Organ Symphony. My last two years, I had no roommate.

Do you still talk to them?
Only to Marcus. The others have vanished from the planet.

Ever get in trouble in the dorms?
Nope. I was a good boy.

Something you remember when you lived on campus?
Memorizing about 200 Greek verb forms for the Greek I final. At the end of the day, the screw-up's on the 9th floor of Hotz started dropping cans of spaghettios out the window at the end of the hall. The hall windows all had jalousie panes (which were opened, since it was May -- no a/c in the hall). As the cans fell along the building, they suceeded in smashing 8 stories worth of jutting window panes until they burst open on the sidewalk below. Then of course there were the winter-time fire alarms. Minimum foot of snow on the ground, 3am fire alarm. It was the 9th floor idiots every time -- they would rig a bent coathanger around the alarm pull and attach the other end to the door knob of the stairhall. As soon as someone came through the door, the hanger would pull the alarm.

Your campus phone number or other number?
I have no idea any more.

First party attended?
Didn't go to any college bashes. The German posse usually had get togethers. Nothing ever got out of control.

Favorite Pizza Place?
Fuzzy's. I understand Fuzzy's isn't there anymore.

Favorite place to go out to eat?
Hugo's. Great sandwiches. Perfect place for post night-lecture banter. I had several nighttime German lit lectures whose topics spilled over at Hugo's (or Fuzzy's).

Did you go to the library?
Honey...did I go to the library??? I was working on two literature degrees at the same time. After all the overdue fines were paid, I owned the library! I had one nutty semester in which I went from Herodotus in Greek to Lucretius in Latin to German Classicism, to World Literature in English. The first three were back to back, then I had a break for dinner, then I went to the World Lit gig. A Catholic friend of mine was always urging me to look into the priesthood. It would tick her off when I retorted: "I'm not qualified to become a Catholic priest -- Did you forget that I know Latin?"

What was your Favorite Floor you'd always be on?
I liked both Hotz and Buck Droke. Hotz closed as a dorm while I was in Germany and became an office building, so my organ teacher arranged for me to get a private room at Buck Droke, the "honors dorm" -- it was quiet and close the center of campus.

Where did you buy your books?
At the U of A rip-off room, otherwise known as the bookstore. In Germany you could get a cheap copy of Goethe for a deutsch mark, maybe about 75 cents or so. At the bookstore, be prepared for a 500% markup on the same book. I wish we'd have had Amazon back then.

Play any sports?
No sports. I did take ballroom dancing though. I'm a hell of a foxtrotter.

Ever attend a sporting event?
Indeed. Razorback football games and one Lady Back basketball game. The best memory of the football game was the morning it was hot and humid, almost 80 degrees. My posse and I were all in t shirts and shorts. By half time, the temperature had fallen majorly, and in the last quarter, it was snowing.

Ever attend a concert or comedic performance?
Music students were required to attend concerts. I remember going to some comedian things in the Union, but I don't remember who was performing.

Favorite professor(s)?
I liked all the professors in my fields. I loathed one music theory teacher when I was a student. She ran me ragged. However, I really got to respect her later. The challenges she placed on us were torturous at the time, but they really prepared us for real-life musicianship. She didn't take prisoners, and I'm glad she didn't now.

Have you ever spent the night on campus not in a residence?

Favorite night to go out on, and where did you go?
That depended on the class schedule. Usually my group went out on Friday nights. Stammtisch first, where all the German students got together for a couple hours of German conversation at a local pub. When all the professors left, we usually moved the function elsewhere, or closed down the pub where we were.

Where did you buy your coffee?
I usually made it in my room. In grad school, I bought gallons of java from the Union cafeteria.

Favorite Year of Halloween?
Probably Rocky Horror in the Greek Theater.

Favorite memory?
There are loads of those.

Go see a play or been in one?
Saw lots of plays, but was never in one. My favorite performances were Midsummer Night's Dream and King Lear.

What did you hate about your college?
The parking was difficult at Buck Droke.

What did you love most about it?
I loved most everything about it.

Where would you believe is the best location to live?
I liked Hotz for parking, but I Liked Buck Droke for the location.

Graduated or still attending?
Oh honey! Graduated in 1995, M.A.

Year of graduation?

Will you go back?
To visit, sure. I hear Maxine's is back in business. Maxine's is the place to go after a long and boring guest lecture on some esoteric literary rarity. Maxine's Tap Room would always get those slumbering brain cells firing again.

How many parking tickets have you gotten there?
I recall having gotten one or two.

Finally, ever gotten arrested?


Brian Michael Page said...

He moved out after Christmas and joined a fraternity

Delta Tau Xi?
(He can't do that to our pledges... Only WE can do that to our pledges!)


Jason Pennington said...

LOL! It was Alpha Gamma Rho. The majority of the members were agri majors.


Brian Michael Page said...

Being in a jazz-oriented school, we didn't have fraternities. We had bands. Battles were between jazz-heads and rock-heads.

We didn't have any sports, either. However, we did sell a "Berklee Boppers" baseball shirt, and some were contemplating a "69'ers" football shirt.