Wednesday, March 5, 2008


...take a look at Colorado.

Source: National Catholic Register

So what’s the state Legislature doing? It’s working furiously, for the second time in three years, on a law that would help the aging victims of decades-old sexual abuse sue the Catholic Church — for cases involving defendants who’ve long since died.
“There’s no element of fairness in any of this,” said Jennifer Kraska, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference. “We have an ongoing problem in the public schools, and the Legislature is after the Church.”

What kind of circus are they running at the Colorado State House? A public school teacher molests a child and the family can sue the Church? What the hell does a public school have to do with the Church? There's just as much (if not more) chance that the perpetrator in a public school would be a non-Catholic. Seems to me the state legislature wants to exercise freedom of religion, as long as that religion isn't the one true Catholic Church.


For a more detailed commentary, see our good friend Domini Sumus.


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Jason Pennington said...

I think what the speaker meant was that Colorado has problems with public schools, and the powers that be aren't paying attention to that, but are fixated on smoking out kinky priests. Personally, I think public education is a viable civic cause, as is smoking out freaks who get their jollies off on kids, whether or not they wear a cassock. If the church were solely an institution of spiritual concern, that is, above the law, then I should be allowed simply to offer spiritual bouquets in the offering plate instead of legal tender issued by the state. I'll tithe my prayers: 10% of my prayer petitions will be that priests who are child molesters be castrated. Ok. End of rant.