Saturday, March 15, 2008


Poncho Ladies™ played pretend in the wrong archdiocese!

RSCT to Argent. People like these should know better than to screw around like that in St. Louis. Big time kudos for Abp. Burke for the action he took.



Bear said...

I've been thinking about this a bit. Everyone knew what action Bishop Burke would take. The ladies must have known he would take this action. Therefore I think they carefully and deliberately chose that diocese. Why? Free publicity. They've just been martyred for their cause, and most likely hope it will draw others to their banner.

Brian Michael Page said...

Free publicity, why, of course! Most likely twisted publicity, that is. Argent rightfully speculates in her post, "Let's see how the media spin this."

If it's anything like typical secular media, they'll (conveniently) screw it up somehow.


Jason Pennington said...

That's a stately document, and quite impressive. Too bad it's directed at such a no-brainer, easy target. Having read today's first post about the deplorable music slated for the Pope's reception in D.C., it seems that the higher up's should be focusing on more pertinent issues: cleaning up the liturgical confusion in the United States, instead of wasting good Latin and grand polysyllabics on excommunicating a squad of kooks. Good show, guy, but who cares? Weighing out the matter, I think more souls will wander from Rome because of the current wretched state of liturgical music than because some nut is pretending to ordain women in rain ponchos to the priesthood. Let's look at it this way:

Instead of removing the cancerous tumor from man's liver, the doctor instead decides to dye his patient's hair, take photographs of the new do and alert the media.

I'm sure the bishop's writ took much longer to prepare than it would for a parish choir to learn the tract for Palm Sunday. And what's more, learning the tract, in the end, is of far more use.