Wednesday, March 5, 2008


First of all, welcome and thank you to all who have joined me at Facebook. We've got fellow bloggers, a fellow podcaster, some RPInet friends, plus my wife, and even someone that plays cribbage on the web with my wife and me.

A while back I had subscribed to Tommy Hewitt Jones on YouTube (till he closed his dang account - grrrrr!). Tommy, who now professionally goes as Thomas Hewitt Jones, is a "contemporary classical" composer from the UK, educated at Cambridge University. His YouTube videos consisted of a couple of really super wicked free accompaniments for organ that he did at a church service (one on CWM RHONDDA, the other on WAS LEBET, WAS SCHWABET), a Victor Borge-like duet he did with a friend playing the famous Widor V (also on organ), a really funny jingle about Brian Jordan, a music store owner in his neck of the woods, and this really funny song about Facebook that he co-wrote while at Cambridge. Check it out.


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Jason Pennington said...

Well, let me look at your right ear, work up some good Kathleen Blanco tears and tell your earlobe:

"I can't stand with this!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding! Very clever lyrics. However, the neo-traditionalist Catholic morality police may take issue with the fact that you can be gay on facebook, and also that business about poking, not to mention the fact that there are women who seem to be students at university....

(I recently had someone tell my right earlobe that as well. I know, because I was the only one in the room making eye contact)