Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAPPY AND BLESSED AND EASTER all our readers here, and to all our listeners at Christus Vincit ANYWHERE! and to our viewers at Christus Vincit TV.

Now, of course we know the true meaning of Easter is our Lord and Savior, who willingly died for us, taking the fall for the sin of mankind, rising on the third day.

On a note from the secular side, here's a video of some egg abuse. My wife sent me this one. You'll have to click the link for this one. I didn't see any "embed" code anywhere on this one. Stupid Yahoo Tricks, I guess. :)

UPDATE 3/23/08: If you go on that screen and scroll down a little bit, you'll find one called Los Angeles in 3 Minutes. As this particular video seemingly promotes the beauty of Los Angeles, you'll notice that the TajMahony was not included here.



Lyn F. said...

JibJab is so cool, and I love their twisted sense of humour! Thanks for sharing, Brian, and Happy Easter to you!

Tim.Parker said...

Special Wishes on Easter.