Sunday, March 2, 2008


and attended Mass too.

Today I went to that church in the hick town that I posted about the other day. This is actually a little more crowded part of the town, but nice. The church is small, colonial-style build. Not bad looking inside either. Traditional-style seating - it's not one of those roundhouse thingies. Statuary in the church is nice, and traditionally placed.

There is a loft. However, the organ (I'm told it's a Rodgers) in use is up front (hopefully I'd be the lucky one to change that). The bright side is that it's not highly visibile. It's off to the side in a little indented open room - probably used to be a confessional or something. The organist was apparently an alto, as everything she played was transposed down at least a minor third, except for the entrance hymn.

Right now, there's near nothing musically. One organist is covering the 5:15 Mass on Saturdays and the 8:00 Mass on Sundays while another organist, the alto, is covering the 10:30 Mass, which I attended.

Here's the music list I encountered at 10:30 (the other two Masses were more traditional, but guess what - the organist who covered those Masses is also music director at a neighboring Protestant church)...

Open my eyes, Lord...Manibusan (transposed down to E)
The Lord is my shepherd...Alstott (transposed down to E-flat)
Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ...Alstott (transposed down to E-flat)
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..."New Britain" (transposed down to D)
Mass of God's Promise...Schutte (transposed down to B-flat)
- (Note: the Sanctus and Memorial Acclamation from this Mass is actually fine. However, if the music editors at OCP had any smarts they'd end the Amen after the third "Amen" instead of letting that "for ever and ever" crap follow it, and the Agnus would be the Agnus and not some bastardization thereof merely for the sake of making the top 40.)
Here I am, Lord...Schutte (transposed down to E-flat)
We are the light of the world...Grief (transposed down to B minor)

Like I mentioned, there is no choir, but they would like to see one develop down the line. Turnaround time, btw, in terms of hearing from them, is projected to be 7-10 days.



Adrienne said...

I think you should rethink referring to your possible new church as being in a hick town.

Ok, ok - you can call it hick town at home but quit putting that on your blog. What if the pastor or, worse yet, the church secretary googles you and reads that?

I just heard on the Kim Kommando radio show that an insurance company was refusing to pay claims for a teens eating disorder based on what the teen said on his/her facebook page.

They said the kid was nuts (emotionally disturbed) so they didn't have to pay. Well, gee - if the kid had an eating disorder I would think they were disturbed. But it was the loophole they needed.

The point being that employers, schools, government and God knows who else, is lurking about waiting for us to say something stupid.

P.S. Did you stand up straight and get a haircut??

DominiSumus said...

The music program sounds about right from what I remember when I worked there.

The organ is a Rogers.

Bear said...

Good luck to you again, Brian.

Lyn F. said...

Sad to say - I'll have to agree with Adrienne. A friend of mine tells me that one of his fellow students found it difficult to find a job because of what he wrote in his Facebook page. My friend was so freaked by that. As a result, he deleted his Facebook page, despite the fact he really only used it to post pictures of his kids.

Brian Michael Page said...

Nah - considering it's all up north, I doubt they'd take offense even if they did find me. If I was to be rejected over this than someone has an agenda.

And yes, my wife buzzed my hair last night, and I stood up straight like a good boy. :-)