Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Would you like to see your neighborhood Polish deli or market promoted by Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!? All you have to do is e-mail me at bpage69 {shift+2} yahoo {period} com and let me know if they sell Krakowska Kielbasa and I will gladly send them a letter-size image just like the one you see above, but with the actual store name and its complete address. The store owner can then take the liberty of framing it up and hanging it in a prominent place in the store (next to the store license, or just above the Berkel slicer, or even above "der Kol"), or even making copies and passing them out to their neighbors or hang on a billboard, or whatever. Said store(s) will also get mentioned on the next CVA podcast.

This is a great way to promote a great podcast AND great food from a great deli!


PS: The first flyer just got hand delivered to POLONIA MARKET, 736 Broadway, Pawtucket, RI. All things Polish and then some! :)

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