Saturday, May 27, 2006


One of two Catholic churches I've seen pictures of with a "double gallery". Just when you think the organ you're playing is upstairs, you get to the door and discover you have to go up just a little more.

This one is the beloved St. John Cantius in Chicago. The case looks to be that same Kilgen I posted about a while back.

Photo courtesy Nashotah House Church Tour 2005, and hat tip to Gerald

I couldn't get a picture with both galleries in this beautiful church - this is Saint Anthony of Padua in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This organ is a IV/52 Casavant from 1912.

There really is another balcony underneath this organ loft.

Photo courtesy of St. Anthony Parish Website

Anyone else with a "double gallery" to share, feel free to send me a pic with any pertinant information (church, city, organ builder/description if possible).



Cathy said...

The double choir loft is a trademark of Polish parishes. If memory serves, there are several other parishes in Chgo which have them - I will look at my 'Heavenly City' book when I get home from work and see if I can't round up some photos for you.
I'm thinking Holy Trinity, St. Mary of the Angels, St. Stanislaus...
I really need to drive around on Tuesday and take some photos. It drives me nuts that so many churches are locked during the day.

Cathy said...

Hey, Bri, here's a link with some nice shots of the organ.

Brian Michael Page said...

I like the way they got the high pulpit nearly halfway up at Perpetual Help. Believe it or not, St. Anthony's New Bedford is primarily French (though there is a Mass now in Portuguese).


Feed Fido said...

Yes, our double balcony is cool...but it's also a portal....;)
no just very have not seen daughter is in choir i am always afraid of the balcony