Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Intermountain Catholic just uploaded their video of the 11:00 AM Ascension Mass from Salt Lake City's Cathedral of the Madeleine. Definitely one of the better Masses I've seen (though all their Masses I've seen, on the most part, are really good).

Some (extremely) high points (musically):
1. No song leader at the mic (though the celebrant lagged by about a half a beat at his mic)
2. Boy chorister was the Psalmist (this kid did a really nice job with the Proulx God Mounts His Throne - very impressive). I'd say he's probably about 11 or 12 - tops.
3. My eyes and ears lit up to hear the Vaughan Williams O Clap Your Hands for the first time since high school (I sang bass for it with the RI All-State Chorus). Sopranos and trebles have a nice high B-flat toward the end. I know that at least two of the sopranos in my choir can hit A-flat. Would be really nice to stretch them up just one more step! ;)
4. The Irish-built IV/79 tracker (Kenneth Jones and Associates, Bray, Ireland) is always a treat to listen to. During the postlude, the camera often shifts to the organ case and to the console as well.

I really look up to these guys!



PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

We had begun work on "O Clap Your Hands" but I scrapped it a week ago because they just weren't there yet. Try again next year.


Brian Michael Page said...

Nick if you got the sopranos for it, go for it. I'm sure it will take a while (I don't blame you for holding off this year - I had to do that on some pieces myself this year), but man, it's quite the piece.

If worse comes to worst, get thee to the nearest Ford dealer and purchase a few prop pistons (like on hatchbacks). Um, better still, don't. Might create a string of harassment suits if ya know what I mean. LOL!


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

We have the notes and the ability, it was just down to a week before and I was still having to play entrances and not the accompaniment, and STILL had trouble counting through the meter shift during the middle section (going from the slow 4/4 to the moderate 3/4). I should have started rehearsing this in the middle of Lent.