Wednesday, May 17, 2006


OK - it's only been about a year or so that I've heard mention of The DaVinci Code at least once a day without having a clue what the hell it was until just a couple of months ago. Never read the book, though I know now that it's about as blasphemous as it gets. Never saw the movie, though I'm reading in many blogs that it was terrible.

Didn't miss much.

Catholicism - it's the sure thing!



Anonymous said...

I'm going to stick out my neck here. I was curious to read the book myself, especially after having heard heaps about it.

So I read it. I found it (as well as Dan Brown's other books) a very interesting read - the type of thing that you just cannot put down.

But I also know, from the moment I picked up the book, that it is a work of fiction. I don't care about the contents - they won't change my beliefs nor will they influence them. It was a great page turner, and that's all it was.

It's just like my opinion of the Harry Potter books - I wondered what the big deal was, so I started reading them. Also great reads, although IMHO, JKR had some misses (Books 2 adn 5) along with her hits (the rest of the series). But do I see it as some sort of authority of witchcraft and the occult? Absolutely not. It was just a work of fiction, a great read, and once the book closes, that's it. Again, it doesn't influence my beliefs, or cause me to reexamine them. It, just like the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, etc., was just a trip through someone's fantasy land. Once the plane leaves the island, that's it, no more Mr. Rourke, no more (whatever Herve Villechaise's character's name was), and it's back to the real world.

Just my 2c worth ...

Anonymous said...

It was "Tatoo" or something like that.

After reading reviews of the book, I'm not interested in reading lousy writing, but I will probably see the movie even if it is also lousy. Just curious to see what they did with it.


Brian Michael Page said...

Personally, I had become ignorant of the stuff myself - the skeptical person that I am. I knew it had to be fiction. But you'd be surprised how many might just be stupid enough to fall for it. And I'm definitely sure that Lyn, MOConnor and many other regulars to this and many other Catholic blogs know it's fiction.

I for one will not tell someone else "don't see the movie" or "don't read the book". With the exception of liturgy and music topics and number puzzles, I personally have been this bibliophobe for nearly 4.2 decades. It's just the way my attention span often floats LOL. I wouldn't inflict (or even wish) that on others. I do, however, truthfully think many will come home after and say what I just said in the post - Catholicism: the Sure Thing!

If I go see this movie, I can guarantee I'm going to take the laughing cat with me. LMAO!


Anonymous said...

Number puzzles, eh? Are you into Sudoku?

Brian Michael Page said...

My daughter Brittany and I are heavily into sudoku.