Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Recent editorial by the National Catholic Distorter about Bishop Finn. Is this how a Catholic periodical treats a Bishop who is more faithful than most to the teachings of the Cathoic Church?

"We have learned through difficult experience in this country that bishops are, indeed, monarchs"

That's right. And it's not just in this country. It's worldwide. It starts with the Pope and works its way down. That's how it's worked for the past couple of millenia. The Church has rules - teachings - the Catechism. My boss put it well in his homily this weekend - It's just like being in a club. You have to play by the rules. The only difference is that the Catholic Church won't throw you out if you don't. But you have to strive to do so. So many claim they're Catholic, but have a big problem with this rule, that rule, this set of teachings, etc. Instead they want to "change the church", "get the Pope to waver", etc. Church teachings can never be wavered. They can be forgiven if broken, yes. But never wavered.



Argent said...

Call the waahmbulance!

Anonymous said...

Is there a rationale to be found for why the bishop did all these things? I mean, was the pastoral ministry program teaching heresies or something?