Thursday, May 25, 2006


UPDATED 5/26/06: Correction made

June 15-17 is the three-day period during which the US Bishops will be asked to approve a new translation of the Ordo Missae. I see a triple strike happening here. Skylstad is the USCCB president. Trautman is BCL chairman. And this meeting is happening in LA - Mahony's turf.

Here's the story from Catholic News Service.
And here's some commentary from the Shawn at the New Liturgical Movement.

The USCCB already tried the "oh the people have been used to this translation for almost forty years now" bit with Rome. Arinze said, "no go! You get me a translation, and it best conform to Liturgiam Authenticam." Well, not those EXACT words, but that's pretty much the deal. It was ok for those same guys to let several centuries of liturgical tradition (and in many cases, music) to go down the toilet now, however.

In the words of my redneck hero, Larry the Cable Guy, GIT-R-DONE!

BTW, one parishioner I talked to after Mass said that in the new translation he would like to see all pronouns relating to God and Christ beginning with a capital letter again (He, His, Him - Note: not She, Her, though, yes, you could when referring to Mary, or, as Nick rightfully pointed out in his comment, when referring to Holy Mother Church)



PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

She and Her also refer to the Church, the bride of Christ. Have you noticed that the Church is most often referred to with neuter pronouns rather than feminine these days? (Well, other than AURELIA) Actually I think feminine references for the Church is another requirement of Lit. Auth.


Brian Michael Page said...

You're right though - the feminine pronouns do (and still SHOULD, despite popular practices) refer to Holy MOTHER Church.

BTW - ever find it funny, you never hear the text to "Now Thank We All Our God" bastardized:
Who from our MOTHERS' arms hath blessed us on our way, though I remember one clown in Boston about 24 years ago who did want to write in Who from our PARENTS' arms....


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

What bugs me is all the songs that are being spewed out with "me"-oriented texts...but we can't sing "Praise to the Lord, O let all that is in me adore him." (LOBE DEN HERREN, v.4) We have to sing US.


Staying in Balance said...

I noticed that this post about the "lowering of the liturgical boom" is followed by "The Magic Number is 40". As you mention in the liturgical post, we have been languishing in liturgical purgatory for almost 40 years now. Lord, save us!!