Friday, May 19, 2006

Easter VI at the Cathedral

Prelude: Improvisation on When Love is Found -- Aaron David Miller

Entrance: O God Beyond All Praising / THAXTED

Gloria: Melodic (Peter Jones at 9:30)

Psalm 98: Michel Guimont

Acclamation: Salisbury Alleluia

Offertory: I Have Loved You

Anthem (9:30): If Ye Love Me -- Philip Wilby

Sanctus, etc.: Community Mass

Agnus Dei: Proulx in F

Communion: At That First Eucharist / UNDE ET MEMORES

Anthem: God be in my Head -- John Rutter

Recessional: The Church's One Foundation / AURELIA

Postlude: O God Beyond All Praising -- David Cherwien

1 comment:

Argent said...

Sigh...I am so jealous. We got One Spirit, One Church and a totally happy-clappy ditty written by a previous music director.